Terms and conditions

1- Introduction

Welcome to “Rotoosh” application, these rules and conditions are applied to the app, all section, branches, the tributary websites that the refers to rules and conditions as a reference to it, “Rotoosh” application for android, and “Rotoosh” application for IOS or any other operating system.

When you visit “Rotoosh” app, the customer or the service provider accept the current Rules and conditions, if you don’t accept it, you shouldn’t use the application.

These items and condition can be modified from time to another; it is applied to all the services either directly or indirectly.

Being acquaint with our application, opening, browsing, using it, or using any of our application from whatever platform, which we are referred to by the name “Rotoosh” in all of. Or by the right of completing reservation, you are as (a customer(S), visitor(S), user(s), salon(s), health care institution(S), or service provider(s)) admit and accept that you read and understood the rules and conditions below, including  the confidentiality statement.

These pages, the app content, its infrastructure, and the service of reserving the woman salon services through internet in the home, which makes this application, is a private property of “Rotoosh” app administration, which runs the applications and manages them (referred to later by the name “Rotoosh” application or we). It is also available for you to use according to the rules and condition will come below.

Through the app, we provide to the salons or the service providers a service through the internet, through which advertise all types of services that the salon can offer in house for reservation.

Also we give the app visitors the ability to reserve services at any salons directly, by reserving by  “Rotoosh” application you make a direct contract relationship (lawfully obligatory) with the service provider (the salon) which you reserved his services.

Starting the reservation, we will play the role of the mediator between you and the service provider (the salon), and we will direct the data of your reservation to the service provider (the salon).

When we offer you any of the salons services, the information we declare depend on the information given to us by the service provider (the salon), and the service provider bear the whole responsibility of updating all the prices, making the prices available, and they bear the responsibility of the information which comes in “Rotoosh application.

We can’t follow the accuracy of information, its correctness, or its sufficiency, and we can’t bear the responsibility of any mistakes or service stops (either because of a failure, repair, temporary/permanent update, or app maintenance…etc.).

In addition, we aren’t responsible for the information inaccuracy, any misleading, fault in it, or not providing the necessary information (including prices and service availability) that are exhibited in the “Rotoosh” app, and this program doesn’t make and not considered a recommendation or certification of the service quality, its level, or evaluation of any service being offered.

Moreover, we provide our services only for the personal use purposes, not for the commercial use purposes, or any competitive activities and purposes, hence, you aren’t allowed to resell, use, or add any links, or copy, evaluate, show, download any content, information, programs, or services that are available on the app.

The salons lonely bear the responsibility of the quality and performing these services, “Rotoosh” app is only responsible for providing the app.

Available payment gates through internet on “Rotoosh” app are owned and managed by third party and they are providing sites of the payment service, they are VISA, Master Card…etc.(“payment gates”)

Both the salons and the customer agree that the “Rotoosh” app won’t bear any responsibility of the service offered by payment gates suppliers whatever it is, and the customer agrees that he won’t never sue “Rotoosh” app because of the services offered by payment gates suppliers under any conditions.

In the case of any problem concerns payment through the payment gates services suppliers or with the salon happens, the customer can contact “Rotoosh” app, which is allowed, according to what he sees, to help the customer if it is possible.

As the following rules and conditions can be modified or changed completely or partially any time without previous notification, you should visit this page periodically to review the items and the conditions to be aware about any obligatory modifications for you.

Using the application after performing these changes is considered as approval of the new items and conditions, if you don’t accept to follow these items and conditions now or in the future, you shouldn’t use or sign in the application.

2- Using “Rotoosh” application

Any person (customer or salon owner) can sign in the app in the case it is available on the internet. The “Rotoosh” app administration can make the app unavailable on the internet for any reason they see appropriate or they can modify the content and the services without previous notification. The “Rotoosh” app administration won’t bear the responsibility if the app or any part of it is unavailable, any time, for any period or any reason.

Only the customer bear the responsibility that any third part access the app using the confidential customer data we store.

3- Abusing the application

You promise that all the data you give in this app is correct, complete, and accurate. In addition, you promise to update this information every time and you are only the responsible if there is any loss because of a fault in your shown information.

In addition, you will personally bear the responsibility of any application abuse from your side, and the “Rotoosh” application administration can take any canonical or criminal procedure if you do any of the following:

  • Intentionally enter viruses or harmful programs, like Trojans, Worms, Logic, Bombs, Time Bombs, Keystroke Loggers, Spyware, Adware viruses or any other materials, programs, codes which have a contrary effect on running the computer or its components, or being designed to cause harm for the platform.
  • Trying to or do illegal access to the server on which the app is uploaded, any server, computer device, or data bases connected to the program.
  • Attacking the program through destroying services, or distributed destroying service attack.
  • Using the program for any reason that contradict with the law or the general policy.

4- Signing in

If you choose to sign in “Rotoosh” app, you agree to give your current, complete, correct, and up-to-date data about yourself, including your contact information, which comes in service reservation form.

Your specified sign in and other information obey our applied confidentiality policy, every person have the legal age can sign in “Rotoosh” app, people with less than 18 years don’t have the right to sign in as app user, and they are obliged not to use or deal with the app.

The “Rotoosh” app keep his right to stop or cancel any sign in, sign in/passing information on the app if the user abuses the app, especially the content that the user enters which the app defines, and it will come in a later section.

Also “Rotoosh” app administration won’t bear any responsibility or damage whatever it is, which happens because of the disability of the user to access any of the app pages.

The user account and password

You will have the responsibility to save your password and account, you will also have the whole responsibility of all the activities happens using your private password or through your account, you agree and admit that you are allowed to create only one account and agree on the following:

  1. To notify “Rotoosh” app immediately about any illegal use of your password or account.
  2. To make sure that you signed out from your account when finishing using the app, “Rotoosh” app aren’t responsible for any loss or damage happens from your carelessness to follow this part of items.

5- Mails and calls

When you finish the reservation, you agree to receive the following:

  1. An email we send you soon after the reservation, if you give us your email address, to provide you with the information about your reservation, and give you information and specified offers related to your reservation and the services.
  2. A phone call to make sure of the validity of the phone number mentioned in the reservation.
  3. An email after doing the service to evaluate your service with the salon, please check our confidentiality policy for more information about ways to contact you.

To complete and secure your reservation according to the regarded origins, you should use your right email address and phone number, we won’t bear any responsibility of any mistakes in writing your email (we won’t have any obligation to check the email) or the incorrect phone number.

6- The content that the user enters

The customer can create his own account on the app using the signing in data, this account will give him the access to more basic features, content, special offers on the application.

The customer can cancel his account anytime sending an email to our customers’ service, and “Rotoosh” app administration will do its best to stop the account as soon as possible.

All the uploaded content on the app by the user through his account should be correct and complete, including and not only is personal information, contact information, user names, nick names, comments, reviews, photos, and all other information.

This information shouldn’t do any harm to any third party, and shouldn’t violate general policy rights, public ethics, or applied laws in Saudi Arabia Kingdom.

In addition, the customer agrees that “Rotoosh” app is allowed, according to what the administration sees, to modify, delete the content before or after the publishing, or even refuse publishing. The customer guarantee, promise, and admit before “Rotoosh” application that the content he added:

  1. Does not violate the copyrights, the databases rights, trademarks, confidentiality or publishing rights, intellectual property rights, or other rights of any person or any party.
  2. Does not contain a disobliging material for any person.
  3. Does not contain a misleading, incorrect information, ignore information, and contain any fraud in the identity or claiming the subordination to any other person or entity.
  4. Does not violate the canonical or credit rights owned by third party, like contracting rights or the trust items.
  5. Does not claim, promote, or help to practice the racist discrimination based on gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual tendency, or the age.
  6. Does not violate any law, bylaw, order, rule, or applied regulation.

In the case the content which the user give doesn’t obey the applied law or the bylaws mentioned above, and if the “Rotoosh” app exposed to any loss or harm, the user bears the whole responsibility and agrees to compensate “Rotoosh” app administration for any loss or harm.

In the case the content which the user give has gestures or criminal meanings, “Rotoosh” app keep his right to pass it to the concerned authorities and declare the user identity to any third that claims the content the user gave makes a violation to any of his rights.

Away from the personal information protected herewith the law, and the privacy policy, any content that the user gives to the app will be considered non-personal, non-confidential, does not obey the privacy rules.

Also all the contents that the user publish on the app will be connected to his user name he create when he signed in.

7- The reservation

You can, either if you are signed in or visitor, use search engine on “Rotoosh” app to search for a salon or health care institution based on the entries you choose, for example, gender, location, service type, services, and timing.

For the unsinged in users, who doesn’t want to give their email address, the customer should image the monitor of the last reservation summary page to save the reservation number, and there is no any another way to save the reservation number, so the “Rotoosh” app won’t bear the responsibility of providing the number to this unsigned in customer.

The reservation process allows you to check and modify any mistakes before confirming the reservation.

If you choose to pay through the payment gates you should keep a copy as approve of doing the deal.

8- The appointments

The customer should be ready 10 minutes before his decided appointment.

The appointment decided and confirmed according to its availability and obtainability of the specialist in the salon. If the customer can’t arrive in the decide appointment, then he should contact the customer service of “Rotoosh” app, and he should be aware that his late arrival can reduce the dedicated time for his service, which in turn reduces the quality and the effectiveness of the service, that certainly effects the customer benefit of the service.


All the services appear on the “Rotoosh” app, images, or services specifications are used for the purposes of clarification only, so “Rotoosh” app asks the salons to make sure that all the information the give and shown on their pages on the app are correct, accurate, complete, doesn’t reflect a misleading picture any way.

The “Rotoosh” app cannot check any information given to us through salons, each salon alone has the responsibility to make sure that all his included services in the app are available, and described accurately.

In addition, the customer only bear the responsibility to inform the salon about any medical or healthy things, or any special needs can affect the services, or the services effected by it, for example and not exclusively saying, the allergy or health problems.

9- Changing the reservation (canceling and changing)

  1. If you are a signed in customer and you want to cancel your appointment the reservation after receiving the confirmation, you are allowed to cancel the reservation directly through the app, the customer doesn’t have the right to retake any paid money sums.
  2. You can change the appointment within the available period in the salon policy.

In the case of modifying or canceling the reservation by the order of the salon, the salon will inform “Rotoosh” app that in turn will update the salon business schedule on the “Rotoosh” app.

In the case of canceling the appointment by the order of the salon for a necessity, the salon is not allowed to use the contact information of the customer, which “Rotoosh” app provided the salon with, and according to the privacy policy, they should contact with “Rotoosh” app customer service, so we contact the customer.


In the case that the customer is absent on the appointment in the salon, the customer agrees that the “Rotoosh” app keep their right to deprive him to access the app or even use it again.

10- Paying

The services prices that shown on the private salon page on the app can be changed from time to another according to the exclusive decision of the salon.

The app contains the private information of number of services, despite the efforts that “Rotoosh” app exerts some prices or information presented on the app for the services can be wrong, or not up-to-date, the salon bears this responsibility alone, also bears the responsibility of updating information and keeping it accurate and complete.

The salon will bear any expenses result from the online payment through the payment gates. “Rotoosh” app accepts paying with VISA or Master Card.

“Rotoosh” app will take all the required procedures to make sure that the payment gate is available and working well all times, but the app doesn’t guarantee the continuous, non-stoppable to the payment gate, as it’s owned by a third party which manages it.

Moreover, the “Rotoosh” app tries to ensure processing the customer payments immediately, but it is difficult to expect the required time to complete the payment process, as it depends on many factors far from the range of “Rotoosh” app control, like the delay in the bank system or the cards network. Also sometimes the access to the payment gates is stopped, because of the maintenance procedures, repairs, on adding new services.

The app will seek to inform you in the case that any planned stop of the payment gate happens, and will use his endeavors to get the payment gate back to the work as soon as possible.

As for all the reservation, the customer can choose paying for the salon, according to this choice the customer can reserve through the app but he pays directly for the salon in the decided appointment for him.

This choice will appear in “Rotoosh” app during reservation, but please notice that the way of payment won’t change the other content of the contraction relationship with the salon. The Client shall bear the full expenses for the cancellation or change of the reservation, including the fees of the banks and the third party and the administrative fees without any objection from him. The cancellation shall be regarded as immediate and irrevocable.

11- Retaking money sums

In the case of choosing paying online, the customer name on the reservation should be similar to the information of the credit card used in the reservation.

Any paid sum online will not be regained, but it will be deposited into the customer account on “Rotoosh” app to use it in future reservation. If you haven’t an account on “Rotoosh” app you should sign in an account, so the retaken sum will be deposited in your account for the future use.

If you arrive late, or blocked at the time of reservation, you should immediately contact with the customer service representatives of “Rotoosh” app, to enable us to inform the service providers about the time you expect your arrival in, to avoid cancelling your reservation.

12- Intellectual property rights

The “Rotoosh” app contains features obeys protection of copyrights, patents, trademarks, commercial secrets, and other property rights. Except of what “Rotoosh” app declare clearly, the customers agree not to modify, copy, end, rent, hire, borrow, sell, distribute, or create any business derived from the app content or components, partially or completely. In what is related to your use of the app, you won’t process any data, transform it to the automatic work, get rid of it, or do any works similar to data gathering or extracting processes.

Moreover, as using the app or its content far away from what is defined or allowed is completely forbidden, also the techniques, technology, and the related program of the app that will be distributed in what’s related to the app is considered a private property of “Rotoosh” app.

13- Responsibility

The “Rotoosh” app won’t bear any responsibility whatever it’s for the services that the service providers (salons) offers.

The “Rotoosh” app won’t bear any responsibility whatever it’s for the payment gates, and the customer admits he is aware that the payment gate won’t obey the administration of the party that gives the payment services.

The “Rotoosh” app only bear the responsibility of running the app, regardless of that, the “Rotoosh” app is allowed according to what its administration sees, to run the app for what it sees necessary.

In all cases, the “Rotoosh” app won’t bear any responsibility of any harms, indirect consequences, or subsequent moral harms.

The “Rotoosh” app administrational won’t bear any responsibility of the inaccuracy of the content produced by the app directly from the service provider (salon); the “Rotoosh” app doesn’t have the responsibility of observing this content accuracy. This content may contain some mistakes in the material or/and printing, for which the “Rotoosh” app won’t bear any responsibility.

The “Rotoosh” app keeps its right in ending the accounts have been inactive for a long period of time, also keeps its right in changing these conditions any time according to what it sees herewith or without a notification.

The “Rotoosh” is not responsible for changing the prices of the service providers (salons), and the administration of the salon that changes its prices should contact us to inform the customer first.

14- The disputes

Only the customer bears the responsibility of his interactions with any service provider, or any other user concerning the app and the “Rotoosh” app won’t bear any responsibility. The “Rotoosh” app also keeps its right to interfere for settling the disputes between the customer, the service provider, or/and any other user of the app without any obligation to do so.

Moreover, any disputes happens from these items or related to them, including any question about the validity existence, or ending this document subject to the exclusive specialization party in the courts of Saudi Arabia Kingdom.

15- Service modification

The user accepts the “Rotoosh” app right in preparing the general policy, and the constrains related to using the apps, including and not exclusively the maximum time period of the app to keep the data or any other content, also the maximum limit of the storage capacity will be devoted to the customer on the “Rotoosh” app server. The customer agrees that the “Rotoosh” app won’t bear any responsibility for cancelling, or failure in storing data, any other content, or any data uploaded on the app.

16- Terms of use

The users agrees not to use the “Rotoosh” app in these following cases:

  • Overlapping with the app, servers, or the connected networks with the app. making failures deliberately, no obligation to requisites, procedures, and policies, or special regulation of the networks connected to the program.
  • Violating the national or international applied laws or regulation, or any standing regulations by the power of the law.
  • Personality arrogation or any other party arrogation, giving wrong data, or regardless manipulating by pretending to be following another person or party.
  • Trying to get personal information from any person whose age is below 18 years.
  • Collecting email addresses or contact information from other users on the app, using electronic or other methods to send undesirable messages using emails or unnecessary mails.
  • Advertising or marketing to sell or buy any goods or services for any commercial purposes, which are not allowed by this document.
  • Promoting or supporting any penal activity or criminal project, or giving the introductory information of any illegal activities.
  •  Reverse engineering acts, disassembly, or any attempt to discover the source code, the thread, or the implicit structure of the app.
  • Getting or trying to access, or trying to get any materials, or data, using unauthorized methods on the app.

17- Finishing

The user agrees that the “Rotoosh” app is allowed according to what it sees to stop or end his account (or any part of it). Also stop or end the use of the app, removing any content on it, for any reason including and not exclusively the loss of use, or If the “Rotoosh” app sees that the customer violates or behaves in a way doesn’t fit these items and conditions literally.

If there is doubts that a manipulation has happened, illegal activity or fraud exists, which make a reason to end the customer use of the app, then he will be referred to the meant Law enforcement parties.

The “Rotoosh” app as we have seen makes it possible to stop offering the app or any part of it, any time with or without notifying, and the user agrees that if there is an ending of his access to the app herewith any text in this terms and conditions. This will be without any need of previous notification, and the customer admits and agrees that “Rotoosh” app is allowed to deactivate or immediately delete his account, or forbid the customer from practicing the accessibility to these files or the app.

Moreover, the customer agrees that the “Rotoosh” app won’t bear any responsibility before the user or any third party in the case of ending his access right to the app.

18- The jurisdiction

Till the maximum legible limit by the law, these terms and conditions, and the services conditions obey the conciliation and thinking according to the Saudi law, also all the disputes comes from these general terms and conditions, and the services we offer should be settled exclusive before the competent courts in Saudi Arabia Kingdom.

19- Disclaimer

The “Rotoosh” app won’t bear the responsibility for the following:

  1. Any harms, corrective, special, indirect, or subsequent losses, losses of production, losses of benefits, losses of revenues, losses of contracts, or the harms result from defamation or losing claims.
  2. The inaccuracy of descriptive information including prices, availability and evaluation of the services on the app.
  3. The services that the providers offers and propose or the other businesses.
  4. Any direct, indirect, subsequent, following, corrective harms, the expenses you subject to because of using the app or delays result from using the app.
  5. Any personal  harms, damage of possessions, direct, indirect, special, subsequent, following, corrective other harms, or losses and expenses paid because of legal proceedings, faults, violation cases, gross carelessness, misbehaving deliberately, ignoring information, not doing obligations, violating contracting works, or bearing the whole or partial responsibility of the service by the other business partners. That Includes employers, managers, administrators, agents, representatives, or the following companies, they offer their services directly or indirectly, or promote it through the app, including the partial cancelling, the excess reservation, the strike, the coercive force, or any accident surpasses or rational range of control.

When uploading any picture on the system the customer admits, guarantees, and accepts that he has the copyrights of these picture, and he agrees that “Rotoosh” app is allowed to use these picture to upload it on the app and use it in the online or offline advertising materials  the posts that “Rotoosh” app administration sees suitable and necessary.

20- The coercive force

The “Rotoosh” app doesn’t bear the responsibility of any delay or failure in doing their obligations herewith this service conditions in the case that any circumstances or reasons surpasses or rational range of control, including for example and not exclusively the war the natural disaster, fires, electricity shutdowns, destruction, riots, or civil disorders.