Privacy policy for “Rotoosh” application.

According to the mobile phones operating system, it is better for the user that allowing “Rotoosh” application to access some of the device features and services, knowing that any access or connection of “Rotoosh” application to the device services and features is used to provide the user with information.

In the case of using this application either with or without information service, we don’t save or connect any person whoever he is with the location information of the user.

This privacy policy does help you to comprehend the essence of the data we gather, the reason why we gather it, and the purpose we use it in. Therefore, we hope you to find the sufficient time to read it carefully.

In the case there is any question, we hope you contact us.

First: The personal information that we gather

The forms of information that “Rotoosh” application collect when you contact us may include the following:

Your name and job title.

Information like gender and location.

Your favorites and interests.

Contact Information like: e-mail and phone number.

We may also gather other information we consider important to offer the service to the fullest, these information may include email, phone number & name, We will never link your data to your identity. 

We also may gather or analyze the information from the data you provide us with while contacting us in any other form.

Because we stick to raise the level of the user’s awareness and experience, and abiding by responsibility, we want to tell you why “Rotoosh” application needs to access to various services and features in the user device:

We may use personal information to:

  • Respond to your questions and accomplish your requests.
  • Send you administrational information; for example, the information related to our services, changes might happen to our rules, conditions, and policies.
  •  Completing and achieving your reservations, or singing in; for example, to do your payments, contact you about what is related to reservation, and provide you with customer service.
  • Send you marketing correspondences, which may be important to you as sending bulletins.
  • Devote your experience with the program, through shows designed especially for you, which include complementary products, and salon services.
  • Facilitate the social participating function.
  • Our mobile phone applications can send notifications to your phones, if you previously had accepted sending notification and you became wanting not to receive it, you can also cancel notifications through your device, and for our work purposes like data analysis, auditing, observing and preventing deceiving, supporting, improving, or modifying our services. defining the aspects of use, and defining the effectiveness of the promoting campaigns and the activities of work, running, and expanding we have.

Second: How the personal information are declared

We can declare your personal information:

  • To our tributaries (this because of shown purposes in privacy policy), our partners and the other services promoters, who offers services like the host sites data, data analysis, doing payment and accomplishing request service, IT, interlinked infrastructure texts, customer service, sending e-mails, credit card Transactions, and other similar services.
  • To the other to allow them send the marketing correspondences, according to your choices.

Third: The canonical declaration

We keep the right for declaring the personal information we see necessary or appropriate according to the following cases:

  • According to what the laws requires, including laws outside the accommodation country. As abiding by summoning, and similar law regulations, and this if it is necessary or appropriate to with a good faith. This for the protection of your rights, the safety of the others, for investigating the fraud, or responding to the governmental requests, including requests from authorities outside the accommodation country.
  •  To apply rules and conditions.
  • If the “Rotoosh” application participate in merging, selling a part or all of its origins, then you will be informed through e-mail, and/ or with the help of a notification from the program, and/ or through our website by any change in the property or the personal information usage. Also by any choices may be related to your personal information.

Forth: The relations to the other websites

The privacy policy does not include –and we aren’t responsible for- the privacy, information or the other practicing of the others, including our partners, any third party managing the others’ offers, website, products, and other used services related to our partners.

Making connection doesn’t require the connected website approval, or the service through our followers or us.

We hope you know that we aren’t responsible for gathering or declaring the policies and practicing (including information security practicing) of the other corporations like: Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and RIM.

In addition to, the developer of the other app, the provider of other app and social media, and the presenter of the operating system and the wireless service, or the device manufacturer. It includes any personal information you may declare for these corporations or by resorting to the service.

Fifth: Keeping data

We will keep your personal information as far as we need to offer the service that you use unless the applied law doesn’t require a longer period.

Sixth: Your information security

Your information security is considered a matter of high priority on “Rotoosh” application, we protect the app, and all the technical and administrational data, and the financial guarantees.

This to protect from lose or unauthorized sign in, damage, abuse, modifying, or unsuitable declaration. Unfortunately, we cannot be certain of the security of data transfer or storage system 100%.

Seventh: Through borders transfer

The main system subject to us and is controlled by us from the Saudi Arabia Kingdom, and it doesn’t seek for subjecting us to the laws or the judgment system of any country, state, or territory rather than Saudi Arabia.

Your personal information is stored in any country that where have utilities. By using our platform, you accept to transfer information to countries outside the Saudi Arabia that may have different laws for information protection rather than those used in Saudi Arabia.

Eighth: Changes in the privacy policy

The “Rotoosh” application keeps the right of changing privacy policy.

 Please check the “last update” on the top of the page to know the last updates of the privacy policy.

Any changes in the privacy policy is applied by the time we publish the modified privacy policy on the platform, using the platform after the coming changes is considered as approval of the modified privacy policy.

Thank you for using “Rotoosh” application, we wish you success.